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TwistFit® is your perfect allround fitness trainer for all muscle groups.



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the centrifugal expander

— Your Mini-Gym

The TwistFit® all-around training is simple yet incredibly versatile: you train every single muscle and every major muscle group – especially the firming, slimming muscles and deep muscles.

A sports science university study shows significant strength increase during training with TwistFit®.


healthy — strong — slim

patentiertes Fitness-Gerät

fit with physics

— Training with rotational energy

Das TwistFit Principle

The rotation of the flywheel of the TwistFit® determines the resistance to your training. Pulling forces of more than 20 kg can be achieved as a short peak load.

The force you apply controls the speed of rotation and thus the level of training: From gentle to highly intensive, TwistFit® challenges you without overstraining.

Twisting with the TwistFit® knows neither age nor performance limits.

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Training mit dem TwistFit

a true multi-talent

— that's your gain with TwistFit®

  • A powerful musculature
  • Relief of muscular imbalances
  • Protection and support of the spine and joints
  • Improved posture, stability, balance and mobility
  • An attractive figure, optimal body fat and your ideal weight
  • A trained and supple musculoskeletal system
  • A powerful cardiovascular system
  • Physical and mental performance
  • Reduction of stress and an increase in self-esteem.

how to start your training

— Get the TwistFit® going

Start twisting the TwistFit®'s cords by rotating the flywheel with arms outstretched, similar to a ship's swing. Keep your hands at a distance of about 15 - 20 cm apart.

With a new rope you have to twist a little bit stronger, but after some time it will take only three to four turns to gain enough energy for starting the device. 

Now you can grab the loop to start the exercise or put it around your feet. Then pull on the loops with a short, intense pulse. The self-rotation of the disc twists the rope again. Just before it comes to a standstill, you give another impulse and the disc now rotates in the opposite direction: The twist begins. 

your training plan

— specific exercises for all muscle groups

With your new TwsitFit®, you will receive our training plan compiled by an independent team of experts according to current sports science findings — as a small booklet (121 pages) as well as a poster.

In addition to our 30-day basic training — with only seven minutes of daily training — for the entry level and an intensive program, there are other special programs for specific requests:

  • for a strong back against back pain
  • for neck and neck complaints
  • for strong arms
  • for a firm stomach
  • for a firm butt (for body tightening and body shaping)
  • for firm legs

TwistFit® — buy online now

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